I am an application architect based out of Bangalore, India. I work for Verisign as a Principal Engineer on the DNS registry platform products. I have been working in Java EE and Java SE technologies since JDK 1.1 and Java Web Server days. During the past years, I have been involved with the design, architecture, security, and development of various Java applications.

On the academic side, I have graduated in Electrical Engineering from Ujjain Engineering College. Well, I did work as an Electrical Engineer too (-: , before getting my hands on application development. At some point, i did take certifications on Sun Certified Enterprise Architect, Sun Certified Web Component Developer, and Sun Certified Java Programmer on JEE Certifications track. Though a mediocre algorithmist, I enjoy participating in code contests, and design contests.

I have published some of the articles on java.net, and have been a speaker at various conferences that include Jazoon, Java One San Francisco, Java One India, APRICOT, and Honeywell Round Table on IPv6, on the areas of design, architecture, security, and application performance.

When not in front of a computer, I’m either watching a movie with my family, or playing one of the racquet sports.